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Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Apr 9, 2019 8:21:30 AM

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Two “uniques”

Pretend human cloning was an affordable possibility wherever you live, would you feel the urge to create another you in this planet? The idea seems tempting, doesn’t it? But when you think deeply, If another you exists, don’t you think what makes you unique would fade?

Your character, mannerisms, behavior... everything would be copied and transferred to the other you. Just Imagine living under the same roof with someone who is exactly “YOU”. Could you handle that? Don’t answer it out loud.

Sci-Fi aside, your virtues and uniqueness play a big role on why people care about you, no doubt it. When you treat people and are treated in an exclusively way, you’re able to understand their needs better, no matter what they might be.


 Your data challenges is unique

Wouldn’t it be great if your business was treated as unique on your data challenges too? It might be your case if you have a large selection of data sources, tools and uses - or if you’re not leveraging data at all.

In either case, as your data challenges increase, you may be forced to integrate separate tools in a technological patchwork that don’t fit your unique situation, increasing complexity, costs and maintenance needs, while lowering your team productivity, since a significant amount of resources is focused on managing those tools. This means you’re left with no option but to integrate new solutions on top of a complex technology stack whenever you need to add new functionalities. Each new tool adds to this, as it has to be integrated with the previous ones. As costs and needs go up, efficiency goes down.

SlicingDice understands you

The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice understands that and is here to make this issue disappear. On one end, if you have a startup or a small company, we work as an equalizing starting point where any small and medium organization can transform raw data into insightful business-oriented decisions, while using our built-in capabilities. On the other end, if you have a established company that requires the use of specific tools, you may employ our product as a way to use them without also having to manage a whole stack of overly-complex and expensive products from separate vendors.

 Being All-in-One does not mean “Use-only-One”. Our integrated data warehouse is compatible with most established ETL, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Machine Learning tools in the market - and we enhance our compatibility constantly. We want to ensure you are free to use whatever tools you want and need at any given time, no matter if it’s our built-in tools, the ones you already use or others you need to employ. But we assure that, by using The All-in-One Data Warehouse you save time and money by avoiding expensive and complex integrations among multiple suppliers. We understand and support uniqueness. And data is as unique as it gets.

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