Data Warehousing shouldn't be complex

Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Feb 7, 2019 10:14:10 AM

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The importance of Data

What would you give if there was a way for you to have some sort of substantial data on the life habits of your relatives 20 generations before you? Can you imagine how precious it would be? Studying your family’s past decisions might explain a lot about its current life habits. Now take this analogy to your professional and personal life in general. Can you say you’d benefit more if data-driven decisions was part of your life?


Whether you’re dealing with small or large volumes of data, wouldn't it be great to have reliable information at your disposal in a quick manner? If you haven’t done it already, you might want to consider implementing a data warehouse to your business. 

Data warehouse

But why a data warehouse are so important? DWs are central repositories of integrated data from one or more sources. They are very important for organizations as they’re used for reporting and data analysis, and are considered a core component of business intelligence.


And as the modern saying goes “Work smarter, not harder” you can definitely benefit from a data warehouse capabilities to make better business decisions through good quality data. So, that’s it? You just build or hire a data warehouse platform and your data problem is No More? If it only was that simple.




If you've ever built or managed a data warehouse, whether it’s on-premises or cloud-based, then you know the troubles you encounter. Unfortunately, typical data warehouses in the market are complex, expensive, non scalable or outdated and require constant experts’ interventions in order to keep working, leading to money and time waste.


The problem gets worse when you realize the data warehouse solution you’ve chosen doesn’t have the necessary capabilities of loading and centralizing all your data. So besides all the problems with configuration, management, tuning and monitoring, now you have to find another supplier with a different tool to help you gather data and effectively get to the point of finally extracting value from it.


Have you ever had any unpleasant experience dealing with data warehouse?

You need a data warehouse that won’t make you spend your time and money having to take care of it or hire extra supplies to integrate other tools. You need a solution that can relate exactly to your data problem. You need SlicingDice! The technology of the All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice was built from the ground up and it is a breakthrough innovation that inaugurates a new era in data warehouse, as it’s fully managed, infinitely scalable, provides flexibility for storing any kind of data and it’s unbelievable fast. Consequently, you don’t need to configure, manage, monitor or even worry about your database performance, because everything is automatically handled by the system.


As part of its All-in-One Data Solution, SlicingDice provides you with built-in data loading and synchronization capabilities, allowing you to quickly and easily load data to your data warehouse. By providing every fundamental tool needed by technical and business people to transform any organizations' data into insightful business-oriented decisions, SlicingDice can be used to create a data warehouse in a few days - other solutions would take months or even years.

So, what do you say? Up to the challenge of implementing a Data Warehouse in less than a week? 

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