Different shape data needs a flexible platform

Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Feb 13, 2019 10:57:54 AM

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Can you recall a moment in your juvenile years that for the most part you sought tranquility? Not unless you were destined to be a monk, right? You probably have many stories to tell about those years, one would imagine.

For each phase you’ve gone through in life, there were disorderly moments, no doubt about it. Every human being goes through these types of situations. But how you deal with them is what matters most. And when you deal with data, the logic is the same.


Understanding data structure

In the current big data era, your organization is dealing mostly with unstructured data, which is any data that doesn’t have a recognizable structure, such as: email, presentations, instant messages, power point, word documents, books, videos, social media posts etc. 

But when you insert your data into a database, it’s transformed into structured data, more organized and reliable, so it becomes more efficiently reachable to you. There’s also data in a semi-structure form, which means it’s a type of structured data, but it has its own organizational pattern. It doesn’t fit into traditional relational databases and allows users to capture any data in any structure without changing the database schema or coding. 


How you deal with data structure

As you might be involved or will be, with big data, the mentioned data structures is part of your information process at some point. But there’s a fourth scenario you might want to consider.No matter what data structure your company deals with, the bottom line is you need a fully managed, highly available and secure data warehouse able to store your data in its many structures.


A data warehouse must have a simple language

For you to build a data-driven culture within your business, you need a data warehouse that has a simple language that is not limited to IT professionals. Unfortunately, if you’ve dealt with the most familiar data warehouses in the market, you’ll agree they're anything but.


Well, that’s about to change. With The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice, you won’t find yourself having to hire IT expertise to understand a specific data format. SlicingDice allows you to store your structured, semi-structured or machine-generated data using its unique inverted storage method. This method is only possible because of SlicingDice’s technology built from scratch (link) that has data compression ratios between 1/15 and even 1/30 of the original data size.


With a schemaless structure that can be scaled up and down on demand, SlicingDice is flexible enough to store your data in a single dimension, divided only by columns, providing you performance and simplicity. By using it, all your organization's employees don't have to worry about infrastructure and not a single level of management of the system. Instead, they should be empowered to make better and quicker data-driven decisions, improving business processes and profitability, by using a data solution that is powerful yet simple enough for anyone to actually use it with no infrastructure management concerns.

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