Geoposition & Geographic data storage

Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Apr 12, 2019 9:46:24 AM

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Technology to help animals

If you were a decision-making member of a non-government organization (NGO) that was working towards animal welfare, would you consider implementing geolocation tracking devices to understand and analyze animal behavior and migration better?

It seems a good idea, doesn’t it? With near real-time information at your disposal from such devices, you’d be able to make faster and better decisions with animal well-being always in mind. Geoposition & Geographic tracking have become a reality in the first quarter of this century.

You might already have some sort of tracking system implemented in your business, if not, you should consider carrying out such project, since it has a lot of benefits, such as: reducing operating costs, increased customer satisfaction, time saving on operations, asset tracking etc. Geoposition data allows you to laser-focus your efforts, because you’re able to make best use of your resources.

Leveraging Geo Data

Since it brings so many benefits, why aren’t you able to see them in reality within your business? Of course each case is different and many variables might be involved, but an issue you might be facing is not concerning your Geopositioning data per say, but leveraging it into a database.

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 The lack of Geo Data support

Unfortunately, many established database suppliers don’t support this type of data and, for those that do, a complex JOIN must be made to perform analysis that leverage data properly. Some solutions even have different pricing for geoposition data, which makes using this resource more complex and expensive. This limits your data ROI and innovation. And what ends up happening is that only large organizations, with the largest teams and budgets, can access this sort of deep analytics, which might not be your case.

 If you’re suffering from Geopositioning data impediments because traditional data warehouses are too expensive and complex, here’s the good news: The All-in-One Data Warehouse, provided by SlicingDice can definitely help you, as it treats geopositioning data just like any other data type.

SlicingDice is your Geopositioning Solution

Using SlicingDice, you can store your “geodata” in columns along with the rest of your data, even time series. This way, you can query any information you have, with any data type, with the same simplicity and performance. SlicingDice allows you to store as much data as you can, without having to worry about infrastructure or unaffordable costs.

Leveraging you Geoposition data can be a reality for you. You can combine it with SlicingDice’s data visualization and machine learning modules, enabling your company to visualize and automate its operations taking into account where in the world things are - be those devices, buildings or people. This fine-grained vision increases efficiency in most departments for your business, adding another layer of knowledge about clients and assets. This increases ROI and opens up new innovative paths for growth across your organization.

What are your Geopositioning challenges? SlicingDice can help you overcome them.

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