Images Speak Louder than Words

Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Feb 8, 2019 10:00:00 AM

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Can you draw?

Say your old friend’s trying to explain you a complex engineering concept you’ve got no interest whatsoever, but you don’t want to hurt your friend’s feeling, so you try to understand the concept. Would you dare asking your friend to draw this idea on a piece of paper so you could understand it better? And once your friend draws it, are the chances of you understanding increased because of the visualization factor? Most likely, right?


Now, amplify by thousands the scenario mentioned above when you need to understand crucial information within your company but can’t do it because the way this information is presented brings no effective visual methods. That would jeopardize your decision-making for sure, wouldn’t it?


Data Viz

It’d definitely do your business no harm using data visualization tools to communicate information clearly and efficiently. Data Visualization focuses on building and using analytics reports through visual objects like graphs and dashboards to make complex data more accessible, understandable and usable, backing up decision-making process in organizations. Also, It allows you to spot trends in data that you might not have been able to notice from text alone.




Data Viz is an important asset for you to implement a company-wide data-driven culture within your business.


But having such tool at your disposal won’t come cheap: By using traditional Data Viz solutions, you’re likely increasing your costs by having to spend significant amount of money with experts and extra tools needed to load huge volume of data from your sources to the visualization platform. Not to mention the possibility of losing crucial information as data is removed for dashboards to run faster. Also, by using a Data Viz tool separate from your data warehouse, you might have to deal with different contracts, pricing, expertise and integration needs. This greatly raises complexity and costs, while lowering team productivity, since a significant amount of resources is focused on managing this tool.

Your business is nothing but improved with Data Viz

There’s a new player in town, built with a unique proprietary technology from scratch (link S1 Search) to help you get the most out of your Data Visualization processes.The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice. It offers, in a single platform, built-in tools for data integration, exploration, visualization and intelligence, that is very cost-effective and can be implemented in days. So you save time and money by avoiding expensive and complex integrations among multiple different solutions, costing a tenth of the market price.


The All-in-One Data Warehouse provides a complete Data Visualization module where you can embed on your systems and applications all reports, charts and graphs you created. You can also choose different charts models to make deeper analysis, as such: comparison, track it over time, analyze distribution and frequency.


SlicingDice is powerful yet simple enough for anyone to actually use it. So all your organization's employees can have access to data in real time through dashboards; as well as create charts, drastically reducing IT dependency when a report is required immediately. This way, employees will be free to focus on obtaining business insights and establish a company-wide data-driven culture in a fraction of time and cost.


Do you want to communicate better through data? Waste no more time, get started right now. You can test SlicingDice as much as you want, no credit card upfront or any kind of lock-in. 


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