Orchestration of Data Loading & Sync Module

Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Apr 10, 2019 8:34:24 AM

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Could you fit an elephant into a car? First of, why should you care whether an elephant fits inside a car or not? You shouldn’t care at all if you interpret the question in its literal sense. Now if you use it as a metaphor to your business, then you should keep reading.

A big data comparison

Say the elephant in this case is your big data spread all over your company’s departments, such as sales, marketing, accounting, you get the point. Now, say the car is the data from these different departments kept in silos.

Your whole organization’s data can’t be spread around in single departments if you want to be data-driven, right? You need to load your data in a system that’s able to fit it all, fast. But once you’re able to gather all your big data from different departments, you’ll have to ETL - extract, transform and load it into a data warehouse to be queried. 


Your ETL is the key component to your data effectiveness

And the ETL part is crucial, because making data-driven decisions really depend on it. Your big data ETL is definitely time consuming and it can be a painful process, especially if you use typical data warehouses.

You compromise your team’s availability and your budget, as traditional platforms makes you use a separate ETL tool to do the whole data loading process. The worst part: if anything changes in your data source, you must start a new process all over again, making you invest a lot of money and time on ETL scripts. Your workload is deviated to technical tasks instead of implementing more innovation and business insights using data.

A built-in data loading and sync module serves you well

Unlike other data warehouses, that requires you to use different suppliers to load and transform data, The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice has its own ETL for you to leverage, which is its Built-in Data Loading and Sync module.

By using it, you can load data from more than 50 different sources, like other databases, as well as from other data platforms. It is simple enough to efficiently centralize your data, allowing you to just insert and query it, freeing up IT personnel to perform more critical tasks instead of ETL.

Also, as soon as you add your sources and connect them to SlicingDice, everything will be automatically updated and synchronized. Because of that, if something changes on your data sources, you don't need to create new scripts and start new loading pipelines.

If you use some different ETL tool, no problem

If you already have or use some ETL tool you trust and are satisfied with, that's okay. The use of SlicingDice's Data Loading & Sync module it’s not mandatory and you will be happy enough by simply using SlicingDice's database capabilities.

Additionally, The All-in-One Data Warehouse provides a fully managed, highly available and secure by design data warehouse, which also has built-in tools for data exploration, visualization and intelligence, that is very cost-effective and can be implemented in days, establishing a company-wide data-driven culture in a fraction of the time, very differently form a typical data warehouse, that requires additional suppliers for data integration, BI and machine learning tools, causing over budgeted, frustrating and never-ending data projects.

How SlicingDice's data loading and sync module will help you?

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