Our newest whitepaper is out!

Posted by Déborah Andrade on Apr 15, 2019 9:45:03 AM

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Our newest whitepaper is out! 5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Designing an Effective Data Analytics Organization. This post will present you a short summary of it. 

A company-wide data-driven culture, allows businesses to make better decisions. But to reach such a level, companies need to employ analytical methods to get high-quality data. What are the main challenges companies face to obtain data analytics?

1. Inadequate data and analytics expertise: An incapacity for leveraging data throughout an organization.
2. Complications trying to change a non data-driven culture: This is a big problem for many companies, and can’t be taken for granted.
3. Deficit of skills: Companies have a hard time finding personnel with the right expertise to deal with data and analytics.
4. Confused organization’s proposals: A nonalignment between a company’s business value and its data and analytics implementation.
5. Shortage of data knowledge: When there’s a dependency on conventional data structure models, companies can’t get high-quality data or don’t even know how to leverage data.


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