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Posted by SlicingDice on Dec 11, 2018 10:36:09 AM

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Almost 2 years after the initial S1Search development and 6 months since we started SlicingDice in private-beta, we now have more than 150 billion data points stored and are finally ready to go publicly live.

In summary SlicingDice is a Serverless Data Warehouse and Analytics Database as a Service. If this post has just brought SlicingDice to your knowledge, the following ones are great starting points to learn more about our product and company:

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SlicingDice Uncovered — Part 1 (Infrastructure)

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Want to try SlicingDice?

You don’t need to create an account, input a credit card or pay beforehand just to get the feeling of how SlicingDice works.

Play with SlicingDice at our website online demo or go deeper using demo API keys by following the 15 minutes quickstart guide as starting point.

Feedbacks and advices are ALWAYS welcome! We still have have a lot to learn and improve!

Thank you!

This has been an amazing journey and we want to use this chance to thank all the amazing people that made this project possible: Alexsandro Francisco, Ataias Reis, Bruno Mouta, Eduardo Manrique, Gabriel Menegatti, Hermogenes Batista, Jadson Monteiro, João Medeiros, Juarez Aires, Matheus Portela, Maximiliano Guerra, Rafael Francischini, Rafael Telles, Sabrina Almeida, and Wesley Werneck.

From this list above, special congratulations to Juarez Aires and Hermogenes Batista who didn’t give up on hard times, Rafael Telles, who not only took an important role on S1Search and SlicingDice development but who is now officially part of the SlicingDice founding team.

We also want to sincerely thank all the amazing rigorous early customers that did their best to make SlicingDice fall apart multiple times. This moment would not be possible without all the feedbacks and advices we received from you.

SlicingDice Team