SlicingDice's SQL and API Flexibility

Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Apr 4, 2019 8:13:07 AM

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Puede Hablar?

Go back 20 years, suppose you were visiting a developing country that you understood none of its language and your translator bailed on you the exact day you had a meeting with locals, for whatever reasons. How’d you deal with the language barrier?

You’d wish a local spoke your language to some degree, right? If not, perhaps a dictionary or a drawing would help somehow. You wouldn’t have any troubles if there was only 1 language in the world.

Standard Language needed

Now, think about programming languages for the database you use. How much time was wasted because your IT professional had to learn the database’s idiom from zero? In other words, if the platform you use had SQL and API flexibility languages, your IT staff wouldn’t have to waste time understanding and mastering whatever language that database used. Instead, the time could’ve been devoted to transform data into business value to your business.


SQL and API flexibility

SQL and API freedom and flexibility means, among others, two very important things. One, you won't need to waste your time learning a whole new language if you choose to use a platform that offers you such features. Two, everything you do using SQL, you can do using API as well. But if you’re already using a database, why doesn’t it offer such SQL and API flexibility?

Traditional solutions can be a killjoy

Because traditional platforms have their own language. Some can support SQL or API, but it's not common sense or even flexible enough, in other words, it doesn't allow you to do everything using these two standards. So you must learn everything, which can seem quite a fun challenge at the beginning, but, most of data solutions in the market don't have a crystal clear and concise documentation. Even if certain solution uses JSON, you would need to search for and learn their own terms and key names, making your fun challenge a killjoy.

Standard Language used

You can avoid wasting time learning different languages from various platforms by using a standard language (SQL and REST API) within The All-in-One Data Warehouse, by SlicingDice. A totally serveless, fully-managed solution built from scratch with the intent of having a simple language. A proof of its simplicity is that SlicingDice has developed a SQL-based API endpoint, by which you can write SQL using API. Check it here! (link). Additionally, SlicingDice has many client libraries, in case you want to speed up your integration. Check it out here (link)

By using a standard language (SQL and REST API), you don't need to learn anything from zero and the organization doesn't have to hire a team of experts to use the solution. Additionally, SlicingDice's documentation was made to be as clear and easy as possible. The docs are very interactive and practical, you can read and watch videos about anything you need to know to fully leverage SlicingDice. Also, you can have access to SlicingDice University in order to grasp how the All-in-One Data Warehouse works.

 That's why SlicingDice can be learned by everyone and implemented in days, enabling an organization-wide data-driven culture in a fraction of the time and cost. It empowers everyone to make better and quicker data-driven decisions, improving business processes and profitability.

Do you think a standard SQL and Rest API language can help you become data-driven faster? Share your thoughts with us on the chat to your right.

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