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Yes, we know! Data is king. But is data an issue or a solution to your company?


Imagine you're the pilot of a commercial jet, surrounded by countless controls in the cockpit while hundreds of customers entrust their lives on your ability to make steady decisions and ensure their flight safety. At crucial moments you don't have the luxury to spend your time dealing with infrastructure nor managing data, you just need data simplified, secured and quick. So it's a no-brainer that you, as a pilot, should only have to worry about flying the plane, right?

Now, if you think the scenario mentioned above is far fetched from your reality, you might reconsider once you realize that, as a business manager, a team leader, or a developer, you are the Pilot indeed, and in order to have things running smoothly, your only concern should be making the right decisions through your simplified, secured and quick-delivered data.

Quick recap about our history

After a long time trying to control our flight and spending quite some time searching for solutions to store and query our large volume of data, we realized the solutions available were not serving us. The existing data warehouses technologies at the time could not meet our needs, and were highly complex, with steep prices, speed deficiencies, just to mention a few things.

Considering we really needed a solution for the “pain” we were facing with complex and costly databases, in July 2015 we had the improbable idea of building our own analytical (OLAP) database from scratch. This task was in every capacity challenging and made us go above and beyond to accomplish something that had never been done before: A home-grown technology exclusively developed to be the “heart” of SlicingDice, called S1Search, a low-latency java-based zero-garbage analytical database.

You can read the full-story by clicking here.

Realizing we had created a great solution to our data challenges, we then thought: “why not share and offer a great performing product to other companies who might relate to the pain we faced?” So, on march of 2017, SlicingDice was born!

But there were still improvements to be made and thanks to customers' feedbacks, we diagnosed SlicingDice with some technical restrictions, like lack of SQL support, no ETL and business intelligence partners, complex pricing like all other companies on the market, poor technical documentation etc.

Despite the issues SlicingDice had, it still got impressive adoption from clients, but not to the point where it would make us compete side by side with Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake etc. At the time, companies thought we were a direct Keen IO competitor since we made querying and data insertion using API only.

Knowing we clearly had to “dig deep” to deliver what we set out to do, we rapidly started working on improvements. New features were created based on our customers' experience and feedbacks. It all led to something long needed and desired by modern Data Warehouse users: The All-in-One Data Solution, an easy to use, fast and cost-effective cloud-based data warehouse. That's what SlicingDice has evolved into, after almost two years of its first launch.

All-in-One Data Solution

Maybe you are not familiar with the All-in-One term and that's not really a surprise, because we literally created it to talk about the one and only Data Warehouse in the world with built-in Data Visualization and Data Loading & Sync capabilities – Yeah, that's SlicingDice! Now, you don't need to spend money and waste time with BI or ETL tools. Simply load or stream data from all your different sources, perform queries with any degree of complexity on your data under 10 seconds, and immediately create charts, dashboards, reports and embed them to your applications and/or products. It's the culmination of all the development we've put into this product we've been refining for so long.



So, what's new in SlicingDice?

SQL Support

We know SQL is the lingua franca in the data world, and the easiest way to allow you to use your preferred data visualization solutions on top of SlicingDice, so we partnered with Cdata, a well-known SQL driver development company to get it done. So now SlicingDice offers ODBC and JDBC SQL drivers that are fully compliant with BI tools like Tableau. Learn more about our SQL Support.

Pricing Model

There's no point in creating a great product if the price is not right, so we've prepared two different pricing models that you'll be amazed by. The first is Pay-per-Column, where you pay based on how many columns you have on your database and have free and unlimited data storage, and the second is Pay-per-Gigabyte, where you pay based on the storage space it takes to store your data on SlicingDice. Either way, we do not charge per query. Of course, both are a fraction of price of usual Data Warehouse solutions.

Additionally, to prove we are indeed the most cost-effective Data Warehouse in the world, check the following price comparison. We are using the well known 1.1 billion Taxi Rides dataset, that includes rides made in New York City between 2009 and 2015, available on this Github repository. Below is a graph showing the costs for each service.


Competitors comparison

SlicingDice has a lot of technical and financial advantages when compared to other Data Platform solutions like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake and ElasticSearch, but the main difference is how we feel and what we think about our customers. Watch the video below and take your own conclusions.



As the pilot of your business, your role should be about analyzing data and making decisions. SlicingDice's commitment is to provide you with The All-in-One cloud-based data solution for any data challenge, freeing you from spending time configuring, tuning and managing your data tools. A platform that enables you to really focus on what matters most: Analyzing data and keep flying!

That's why we exist!

We provide all the fundamental tools used by technical and business people to transform companies' raw data into insightful business-oriented decisions.

We empower tech and business people to fully focus on reading, understanding, creating and communicating data as information, with no technical complexity.

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