Why info for decision making is so difficult to access?

Posted by Déborah Andrade on Apr 16, 2019 4:22:50 PM

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It's proven that a lot of organizations, currently, invest more than USD 70 billion per year in Business Intelligence solutions and services. However, only 22% of people inside the company have access to information for decision making. What are the main reasons for these challenges to existing?  Why companies are struggling with becoming data-driven?

The first reason is related to the ever-growing volume of data, originated from diverse data sources within the organization. Due to this exponential growth, the demands of personnel and the data platform's scalability increase. However, in most cases, the financial resources of some companies, as well as most of the data platforms offered by the market, are limited.

Let's imagine it's 5 pm, you are ending your shift and your boss tells you and your team, "We really need some great and well-elaborated reports for a meeting tomorrow morning. We are going to make an impactful decision, we need to gather as much data as we can and everyone in the company is counting on us." You might feel a little bit pressured and compelled to ask for a longer deadline because you know the organization's current data platform won't simply let you transform data into business value so quickly and easily.

You are stuck with a complex, expensive and outdated solution that even prevents business processes and profitability improvements. Besides all that, your team depends on the IT team to have access to data. Lost in this maze, what remains to be done? Cancel all your plans for the day and spend the whole night and morning trying to prepare insightful reports, IF you succeed in understanding and managing your current data platform.

How to change this scenario? What to do to establish a company-wide data-driven culture and give more access to information for decision making?  

Gabriel Menegatti, SlicingDice's founder and CEO, brings the solution of this scenario on April 24 at Rio Content Market. Stay tuned to know more about it!