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Posted by Gabriel Figueiredo on Feb 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Real-time news

If you wanted real-time world news 30 years ago but had no tv or radio access, how’d you get it? You probably wouldn’t, correct? You’d miss whatever you were expecting to know from around the world, that simple. Thanks to the computing technologies (remember the dial-up connection?) that’s been improving ever since it was launched, you can check the latest news from you mobile phone. Isn’t that something?


As you’ve noticed over the last decades, the time span to information expiration has only become shorter, mainly because the high-speed data availability and globalised interaction the world is part of, like a giant “data dome”.




Expired data can’t help you generate insights

Whether it’s in your professional or personal life, if the information you need expires, then it becomes irrelevant and you can’t extract value from it in the proper time period. Have you ever experienced a situation where your data was outdated and it couldn’t be used anymore? If you have, then you know the significance of real-time streaming data to your business in a global competitive market .


Real-time data processing is the ultimate state of data analytics where recently-generated data is readily available, within seconds or milliseconds. It’s designed to analyze and act on using “continuous queries”, meaning constant searches enabling analysis of input in motion.


Implementing real-time data streaming

So let’s suppose you’ve decided to have real-time data streaming implemented to your business in order to make your operations more effective. To do that, you’d have to hire third-party solutions or pay more to obtain a real-time view of data, which adds another layer of costs and complexity to your data stack. Does it mean you have to give up on your project to become a real-time data-driven company?


Well, if you choose a typical Data Warehouse trying to give life to your real-time data project, you'd struggle to transform data into business value, because most of the well-know solutions don’t support real-time and streaming data insertion. Besides, you’d be wasting your time solving problems like server configuring, tuning, management, scalability and instabilities rather than worrying about getting access to reports and more accurate insights. Additionally, your business team would remain depend on technical personnel to find answers and details from data. As a result, not only costs go up but productivity is compromised, creating tension between IT and business teams, as they often blame each other for unattained goals.


Get your real-time streaming data in No Time!

The good news for you is, there’s a solution where you’re able to analyze and view your big data in real-time. This is The All-in-One Data Warehouse, provided by SlicingDice. By using a single solution that is powerful yet simple enough for anyone to actually use it and can be implemented in days, any user becomes less dependant on tech personnel, freeing both parties to perform more critical duties, improving productivity, autonomy and establishing a company-wide data-driven culture in a fraction of cost and time.


Another one of SlicingDice's advantages is that you have quicker response to critical situations, for example an industrial sensor that demonstrates a specific machine is not functioning properly within seconds. In today’s world, having a real-time data solution in a single platform can work in your favor. Only The All-in-One Data Warehouse can offer you such solution that can be implemented in your business in few days.


So, what are you waiting for? Get started on SlicingDice for Free and unveil the power of real-time information.

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